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CAP Barbell 14" Dumbbell Handle

CAP Barbell 14" Dumbbell Handle

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Add CAP Barbell’s Dumbbell Handle with Threaded Ends to your workout accessories. These handles hold Standard 1-inch weightlifting plates of varying sizes. This 1" dumbbell handle allows you to carry out a number of full body workouts for arms, chest, back and legs as well as core exercises. These threaded dumbbell handles are made of solid steel with a black oxide finish for long lasting durability. The threaded ends on this solid steel dumbbell handle help to secure the weight lifting plates.

CAP Barbell 14" Dumbbell Handle with Spinlock Collars, Single, Black:

  • A CAP Barbell 1" dumbbell handle is the perfect choice for those lifters wanting to have flexibility in dumbbell weight sizes
  • Made of solid steel this black oxide finished bar fits all 1" hole weight lifting plates
  • Dumbbells allows for a number of full body workouts including arms, chest, back, legs and core exercises
  • Threaded ends provide a safe alternative to traditional bar collars
  • Sold individually
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